Our History

Jeffrey Greenacre arrived in Florida in the 1970s to work on a project at GTE Data Services following his early career in education. While at GTE, he began to think about starting his own business where he could utilize both his educational and professional backgrounds.


 As a natural born entrepreneur, Mr. Greenacre was among the first to recognize a growing need for professional services to assist community associations in the Tampa Bay area. Many of these associations were turned over from departing developers as the trend toward developments with association owned assets took off, creating an immense demand.


 Mr. Greenacre noticed that few property management firms had the expertise to help associations effectively use technology to meet these demands and successfully navigate the industry.


 By combining a dedication to exceptional customer service, and a commitment to creating the best tools for associations and their boards, Mr. Greenacre curated a multitude of reasons for associations to choose Greenacre Properties as their management company.


For over 10 years Ryan Greenacre has continued to lead the Greenacre team and provide a superior level of service to the communities we service.

Our Corporate Culture

We aspire to be the best community management company in West Central Florida. 

 We are driven to achieve this goal through ethical means. 

 We believe that tailored service to our clients is our highest duty, and that their loyalty and referrals are the best measures of our success. 

 We are committed to helping cultivate and employ the best technology and team members to help boards and associations deliver better service at lower costs. 

 We further our experience and knowledge through continuing education and training for both boards and team members. 

 We strive to nurture a workplace that celebrates excellence, rewards innovation, invites collaboration, and attracts top talent. 

 We seek to be a workplace that gives every team member the opportunity to thrive and develop their talents to the fullest, so that they find their daily work rewarding.